Communication, Training, and Compliance

Leverage the benefits of digitizing your Occupational Health and Safety system to reach places you’ve never reached before. All Sabentis modules allow you to involve your workers in the management processes, ensuring that prevention is precisely integrated into the DNA of your organization.


Plan and record training sessions, both in-person and online for all workers. Generate training certificates for the employees and the company/companies.

Documented Information

A unique and centralized document repository to access all documents that have been generated or uploaded from any functionality for consultation and download.

Planned Work Observations

Plan and record work observations. Identify and manage action plans based on the findings of unsafe acts and conditions detected.


Conduct a self-assessment of the company based on current regulations or international excellence standards (ISO). Identify findings and non-conformities and manage your action plan to ensure legal compliance or certification.

Digital Signature

Manage the distribution of documentation and reliable communication to your workers and collaborators through digital and electronic signatures, ensuring the integrity of the information and legal compliance.

Corporate Policies

Draft policies, establish commitments according to the standards adopted by the company, carry out approval by senior management, and share with all the company’s employees.

Employee Portal

All employees have access to manage their information: request PPE, manage medical appointments, communicate risks, sign documentation, view the risks they are exposed to, access training, etc.

Safety Inspections

Plan and carry out inspections and/or regulatory reviews. Identify unsafe acts and conditions and manage the associated action plan.

Risk Communication

Allows all members of your organization to ensure the safe conditions of their work through a simple procedure for communicating unsafe acts and conditions.

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