About us

Easy Tech Global is an international holding company dedicated to the
development of technological solutions, one of which is Sabentis.

We participate in:

15 Countries

Our techonology is used by:

+150.000 Companies

We cover:

+4.500.000 Workers

SABENTIS, information technology of excellence with two decades of experience in the creation, development and maintenance of technological solutions related to occupational health and safety.

Sabentis is:
Specialized quality systems in occupational risk prevention.
Globalization through its partner teams in Europe, Asia and America.
Customised design and personalisation in the configuration, parameters and management of organisations.
Research and application of the knowledge gained in R&D within the company thanks to the permanent collaboration with university centres worldwide.
Support to achieve Vision Zero and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Implementation of state-of-the-art operations.
Implementation of state-of-the-art operations

Easy Tech Global is the brand responsible for marketing SABENTIS systems internationally. Formed by a group of high-level professionals, specialised in technology and relationships with customers, partners, and both public and private institutions, Sabentis was launched in the international market with the mission of opening up borders.

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