Sabentis Core:
Cross-functional Modules

Digitize and optimize occupational health and safety with our comprehensive solution, equipping your team with advanced functionalities for efficient management and superior results across multiple languages and devices.

SSO Integration via AD

Access the platform seamlessly from your identity provider (like Microsoft 365, Google Apps) simplifying access through our Single Sign-On.

Multi-Person User Manager

Manage the multiple roles of each user in your organization by assigning different profiles, distributing functions and responsibilities intelligently.

User Profiling

Customize the experience according to the profile of each worker. Different users of the platform have individualized access, allowing for diverse lines of interaction and hierarchical decision-making.

Customization Manager for Entities (Custom Fields)

The platform allows the addition of custom fields according to the needs of your organization, adding extraordinary flexibility to your solution and making it unique.


Efficiently distribute preventive management among your prevention technicians. Assign companies or workplaces to different prevention technicians or OHS managers in your company to distribute the workload and better manage preventive activity.

Agenda and Event

Organize and view all your events, characterized by critical dates and highlighting the importance of each.


Receive personalized real-time alerts for each of the most significant events, automating the process and preventing the loss of significant information.

Security Tracking

Monitor the security follow-up of the system to detect, prevent, and respond to potential vulnerabilities or attacks, protecting your organization’s information and assets.

Document Repository

Store and manage your documents and digital files efficiently and give secure access to members of your organization.

Bulk Data Upload via Excel

Import all your data quickly through the bulk uploading of Excel files, allowing you to import large amounts of data efficiently.

Background Batch Tasks

Automated processes run sequentially or in batches, without direct human intervention, and are carried out in the background, i.e., without interfering with the main operations of the system or the applications in use.

Dynamic Template Management for Reports and Notifications

Create, maintain, and use customized templates based on the data available in your system or database. This allows the platform to generate reports, emails, text messages, or other types of communications in a customized way that will be generated and/or sent automatically.

Data Export Engine in Excel

The system is designed to facilitate the efficient export of your data from an application, database, or another source or Excel file. This is a very useful solution for presentation, analysis, and subsequent decision-making.


Allows you to collect, analyze, and present relevant information about the performance or outcome of your OHS in your organization, in the form of reports or statements, facilitating the monitoring of your objectives, performance evaluation, and internal and external communication.


Facilitates management, connection, and interoperability between different systems, applications, or platforms so that you can share data, functionalities, and services.


The platform is capable of offering content and functionalities in more than one language and/or dialect. This feature is crucial for reaching a global audience and meeting the needs of companies operating in different countries and continents.

Worker Portal

Provides your employees access to a wide range of resources, tools, and services related to their employment and their role in the company, facilitating communication and interaction between workers and the organization.


Through the Sabentis App, you can access and manage your company’s OHS anytime and from anywhere.

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