Organizational Management and Planning

Define the specifics of your organization clearly and precisely, and manage the responsibilities of your users effectively, equipping them with tools specifically designed to optimize your results. This approach ensures that each team member has the resources they need to perform their roles efficiently, facilitating better planning and execution across all levels of the organization.

Organizational Structure

Precisely identify the physical and operational structure of the organization: centers, workplaces, occupations, positions, workers, tasks, activities, and more.

Organization, Functions, and Responsibilities

Clearly establish different roles and responsibilities in OHS and distribute them appropriately among organization members.

Objective Plan

Manage your objective plan comprehensively, record progress, and obtain compliance indicators.

Comprehensive Planning

The best functionality for planning and executing preventive/corrective measures. Allows managing and controlling all activities to be developed by the company.

Contractor Portal

Manage the coordination of business activities (CBA) with contractors, including the various stages of projects: bidding, enablement, and operation.

Business Intelligence

A personalized dashboard based on the profile to view interactive indicators in real-time and generate reports


Manage the organization’s committees by selecting members and organizing them into different commissions. Document committee meetings by preparing detailed minutes and establish a specific and strategic action plan.


The Sabentis architecture allows you to independently manage and operate the entire application of your Occupational Health and Safety System, in a shared space and in a single instance. Therefore improving the efficiency of OSH in all the entities of your business group and your branches.

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