Yes, all of our plans have unlimited users for everyone in the organisation, including external workers and contractors.

Yes, Sabentis has integrated electronic signatures. Each client can select the signature process that best suits their needs, from the simple handwritten signature on a touch screen to the integration of signature through the digital certificate.

Sabentis can be configured in any language, allowing each user to choose the language in which they feel most comfortable. In addition, an organisation can request the complete configuration of the platform in the language of their choice and customise labels to suit the corporate language.

Yes, information management has an ally in Sabentis because it can integrate with virtually any platform such as ERP, CRM, legacy systems and training platforms. Its powerful API allows bi-directional communication and includes consulting and loading of the main entities in the system.

Yes, Sabentis is also a powerful document archive. It allows the uploading of documents, reports, images, videos, voice messages and any other type of documentation that completes and improves management. Through this powerful document management module you can locate a file, check the status of the document and share it with third parties if required.

Sabentis provides an ongoing service for monitoring, updating and maintenance to the highest security standards and requirements (which is why organisations often choose the In Cloud service). However, it is possible to install Sabentis on the servers of the organisations that purchase the licence, provided this is in SaaS mode.

The Sabentis platform allows all your user profiles – occupational health and safety specialists, doctors, nurses, etc. – to have an up-to-date agenda with notifications and reminders so as to maintain effective control and monitoring.

The client receives a training manual covering all the functionalities of the platform and the recommended way of using it. They also receive support and guidance whenever they request it, and remote training sessions can be scheduled to optimise the use of the platform.

Yes, notifications of due dates, medical appointment schedules, expiry of personal protective equipment and many other reminders are made which is a huge asset for the OSH management of any organization.

Yes, one of the working philosophies of EasyTech Global, the company that developed the Sabentis platform, is to accompany you throughout the entire process. For this reason, the quote includes training and the necessary stages to complete the entire process.

The platform is constantly evolving, so new versions are constantly being launched, improving and extending the already attractive and highly appreciated functionalities of the platform.

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