Safety, Health, and Well-being

A range of tools designed to identify and control your organization’s risks. Utilize all of Sabentis’ experience to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of your workers, through modules with thousands of preventive and corrective measures at your disposal.

Health Surveillance

Program and conduct medical examinations or visits. Manage all medical documentation. Configure tests and protocols. Integrate with external services, such as clinical analysis laboratories. Carry out epidemiological studies and health surveillance programs.

Occupational Health

Consult all information related to the safety and health conditions of workers consolidated in one place.

Risk Assessment

Identify hazards and assess risks (HIRA) using different methodologies (INSHT, FINE, GTC-45…). Define your action plan to eliminate and mitigate risks.

Absenteeism Management

Effectively manage and investigate accidents, occupational diseases, and incidents. Record administrative absenteeism, common contingencies, and disabilities that may result from them.

Personal Protective Equipment

Plan purchases, allocate to jobs and/or workers, and manage requests, deliveries, and returns of PPE.

Hygiene Studies

Analyze and manage hygienic risks by groups of similar exposure (GES). Make measurement plans and assess the level of risk based on recorded samples.

Psychosocial Studies

Identify psychosocial risks for different populations of the company using standard international methodologies (Total Health Test, Epworth, LIPT 60-Leymann…).

Ergonomic Studies

Apply Artificial Intelligence techniques and videos to identify and analyze ergonomic risks using internationally renowned methodologies such as OCRA, RULA, REBA, OWAS, NIOSH, etc.

Emergency Plans

Record and manage emergency plans for each workplace. Assess threats, detect vulnerabilities, register and coordinate teams, and manage drills.

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