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Sabentis makes occupational health and safety the cornerstone of business strategy with its intelligent cloud-based management solutions.

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Why Sabentis?

Unlimited users, multi-lingual, responsive, parametrizable, and much more.
Sabentis automates repetitive tasks and streamlines all your processes to save time and resources.

Simplify and organize from beginning to end

Sabentis is the leading global programme which specializes in end-to-end and integrated management of all disciplines within the occupational health and safety system.

Sabentis offers workflows that are specific to the companies you are managing. This enables organisations that are less complex to reach a specific scope according to their needs, thereby improving the user experience and simplifying management.

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All your company data in a single space

Sabentis also facilitates more advanced interaction options for companies that are more complex to manage due to their size or type of activity. This enables accurate data management.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing OSH management systems in Europe and Latin America, Easy Tech Global offers the most reliable guarantee of success.

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Featured modules

Sabentis simplifies management of all aspects of the technical disciplines of occupational health and safety.

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Employee portal

All workers have a username and password to access and manage their information, EPPS, complete questionnaires, communicate risks…

Health surveillance

Diagnostic test and medical protocols, integration with external medical services, occupational health examinations, management of visits, etc.

Business intelligence

A personal profile-based dashboard to display interactive real-time graphs and reports.

Risk assessment

Hazard identification questionnaire and Hygiene/ergonomic risk management in accordance with methodologies defined by the organization (INSST, FINE,GTE-45…).


Manages the coordination of business activities with contractors, including the different stages of the projects: tendering, procurement, and operation.

Absenteeism management

Efficiently handles accidents, occupational illnesses, incidents, administrative absenteeism, recording of common illnesses and leaves of absence.

Sabentis adapts to your business and needs

Sabentis lets you easily customize the platform to suit the unique needs of your business. Whether you want to modify the aesthetics or adapt the functionality, Sabentis provides the flexibility and control to create a unique user experience.

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Sabentis is much more
We cover all aspects of…


Plan and record online and face-to-face training sessions for all employees.


A centralized consolidated database with access to any document that has been uploaded to Sabentis, for consultation and downloading.

Prevention plan

Comprehensive management of your objectives plan, logging of evidence and compliance indicators.

Organizational structure

Clearly outlines the operational and the physical structure of the organization. Offices, worksites, occupations, duties, activities and much more.

Integral planning

Comprehensive planning, management and control software which enables a clear overview of all the activities to be carried out by the company.

Hazard communication

Allows all members of your organization to take responsibility for safe work conditions through an easy procedure for notifying unsafe acts and conditions.


Performs a self-diagnostic of the company, identifying potential needs to be managed as per the business activity, according to the current legislation.


Election of members, registration of members, preparation of the committee’s action plan, convening and attendance registering, as well as preparation of the minutes of meetings.

Digital signature

Ensures the authenticity and integrity that documents have not been altered after they have been signed.

Security inspections

Manages safety inspections and scheduled workplace surveillance.

Organization, roles, and responsibilities

A complete job description outlining the responsibilities/roles including whether the position requires a specified profile (permit) in order to performed.

Occupational health

All information concerning the health and safety conditions of workers in one place.

Contingency plans

Implements and manages site-specific emergency plans, vulnerability analysis, registration and coordination of teams, assessment and carrying out of mock drills.

Personal protective equipment

Plans purchases, allocations to workstations and workers and prepares delivery reports.

Hygiene studies

Analyses and manages hygiene risks by groups of similar exposures (SEGs).

Corporate policies

Drafts policies, sets undertakings according to company adopted standards, reviews approval by upper management and communicates policies to all employees of the company.

Psychosocial studies

Access limited to authorized internal and external specialized professionals. Configurations of participating groups, completion of questionnaires, evaluation of results and generation of a plan of action.

Ergonomic studies

Analyses and manages hygiene risks by groups of similar exposures (SEGs).

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