Blog > February 16, 2023

The added value of multilingual software support

Helps reduce communication barriers and increase efficiency in international or multicultural environments.

In this globalised world, multilingual software support is a must. The ability to adapt to users of different languages and cultures enables you to broaden your reach to a wider audience.

Easy management

A multilingual platform goes beyond translation into other languages. A platform with this option enables you to customise each client by using their corporate language, essential to the company’s image and identity. For example, by changing a display button that reads “Accept” when in the corporate language of the acquiring company (website, manuals, communications, social networks, etc…) the term “Approve” is preferred. Through the management of labels in a simple and automatic way, this setting can be deployed using an easy and quick fix.

User experience reduces barriers and facilitates integration with other systems and applications.

One of the most important benefits of multilingual support is improved user experience. The ability to interact with the software in your native language increases both user satisfaction and trust in the software. In addition, multilingual support helps to break down communication barriers and increase efficiency in international or multicultural environments.

This functionality is also crucial for integration with other applications and systems, particularly for companies that operate internationally and need to integrate their systems with partners, customers and suppliers in different countries. By not having to worry about the language barrier, integration is more streamlined and efficient.

The ability to communicate in several languages can also facilitate troubleshooting and technical support. It improves the user experience, helps reduce communication barriers, and simplifies integration with other systems and applications. In short, multilingual support is essential to the success of any software in today’s globalised world.

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